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A perfect fit for fashion and apparel

BigCommerce delivers on fashion’s unique site experience and personalisation needs while accounting for larger catalogues, multiple sales channels and high-customer expectations. We have you covered.

Endless opportunity to shape your customer experience.

At the end of the day, the ecommerce technology you plugin needs to do one thing: work the way you need it to. That’s why BigCommerce uses Handlebars and Javascript as development languages, and pre-built WordPress and Drupal integrations so you can build the next best retail experience on the web.

Native and custom functionality to drive innovation.

BigCommerce offers the tools, resources and expertise to ensure you’re enabled to take your vision to the next level. Develop personalised customer experiences with native customer group segmentation and 70+ promotion rules — and then customise by syncing platform data to any third party tool in your ecosystem. The sky’s the limit.

Early access to the latest features.

BigCommerce partners closely with numerous payment gateways like Apple, Amazon, Google and PayPal to ensure our fashion retailers have early adoption access to new sales features on all channels. As a BigCommerce merchant, you’ll be first in line, without having to do a thing.

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Our sales and support teams are available via phone, live chat and email.

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Prototype your designs behind-the-scenes

“We wanted a system that would integrate seamlessly with a robust email solution in parallel to our media channels, giving us actionable insights into the performance of these various channels. BigCommerce was again the right fit.”

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Bigger than you need right now? Start with BigCommerce Essentials.     Get The Essentials

Bigger than you need right now? Start with BigCommerce Essentials.

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